Uniq - iPhone 14 / 14 plus 鏡頭玻璃保護貼(兩片套裝)[5色]





Optix Lens Protector 為您的相機鏡頭提供終極保護。 Optix 鏡頭保護膜超清晰、超堅固,採用超薄 0.25 毫米鋼化玻璃和堅固的機身,以高清清晰度保護您的鏡頭,並最大限度地防止划痕、潮濕和指紋污跡。 包括清潔套件和塗抹器,可輕鬆進行無氣泡安裝。 Aluminium Camera Lens Protector for iPhone 14 / 14 Plus The ultimate protection for your camera lens. Ultra clear and super strong, the Optix lens protector features an ultra-slim 0.25mm tempered glass & tough body to shield your lens with HD clarity and maximum resistance against scratches, moisture and fingerprint smudges. Cleaning kit and applicator included for an easy bubble-free...

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