Energea NyloFlex 3-in-1 Lightning + USB-C + Micro-USB 1.5M



Redesigned to have a softer yet tougher tensile strength than ever. Features Anti Oxidation with new rhodium plating Comes in Lightning connector tip (MFI certified by Apple) Interchangeable connector (Lightning + USB-C + Micro-USB) 3A High Speed Charge & Sync Nylon Twistbraid™ delivers tangle and kink-free charging Bend-tested 50,000 rounds for ultra-flexibility Endured rigorous 50KG pull test Withstand up to 80N of force Design Connectors : USB-A to Lightning + USB-C + Micro-USB Material : Nylon braiding Data Speed : USB2.0 480Mbps Charging speed : 3A Length : 1.5M

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